Free Resources and How to Find Them

There are some great free resources on the net that will help you find your way into the world of financial freedom. Best of all some of these resources are free! That's right you can find some great resources online that won't cost a cent.

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Below is a list of some of the great free resources you can use to help learn:


Twitter, that's right. Who would have thought that this once strange social media site would become one of the best sites for financial freedom.

Thousands of qualified financial experts are willing to give short 140 character nuggets of wisdom and advice. That's the important thing about Twitter. You can customize your feed by who you follow. Find people whose advice you find relevant and add them to the people you follow. If you find that over time they no longer suit what you are looking for you can un-follow them and find someone else who does suit your needs.

Twitter is one of the best ways to get information quickly and easily.

WordPress and Blogs

That's right just like Twitter, there is a vast array of information for free available via WordPress and other blogs. I suggest finding a few good authors who write articles about topics you'reinterested in and subscribing to them.

RSS Feeds

RSS stands for 'Really Simple Syndication.' RSS feeds allow you to read all the articles, websites and posts you are interested in all in one location. Google reader used to be the gold standard but is no longer active. There are a few great extensions for Google Chrome but the one I use is Feedly.


As I talked about inthispost. Your local library is one of the best ways to get 100% free information. Once you have found what time of information you would like to know more about. The library is a great way to get more in depth by reading a book from one of your favorite authors.

I hops this short list helps you find the information you are looking for. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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