Lets Do Some Homework before applying for a Business Loan.

A lending institute may show respect to your intentions to be an entrepreneur, but will simply reject your business loan request if it fails to meet it's guidelines. Every question they asked from you just has one meaning, Can You Pay Us Back. Before filing for a business loan, small things act as big savior in your reports. You need to convince them by giving details of your upcoming business, financial conditions and your ability to pay back them.

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Know the layout of Your Business:

If you know the details of your business from head to toe, only then you can convince the lenders. The latter also would like to see if you have the skill to run your business. Its good to prepare a business plan including targets, market, revenue, expenses, competitors, and growth in futures. Your business plan is the first, and if not enough to impress, then could be the last.

Financial Statements:

Lender is a person who checks your ability for paying back and you can live up to his or her expectation by arranging your financial details. You need to arrange your cash statements, income slips and balance details for the past two to four years so they can guess you paying back ability. You can also add the estimates along with these statements for the next years.

Decide How Much You Want:

After preparing your business plan and financial detail, the next step asks you the use and amount of the fund. Think about the infrastructure and sources that you need in your business followed by cost of each. This process gives you an idea about the figure to be invested.

Personal Credit History matters:

Without wasting time, lending institute likes to reject your loan request, the moment they check your poor credit history. Before knocking at the door of a lender, it's better to check your credit history for irregularities. If you find anything which may be unpleasing to the eyes of approver, then improve it. Your personal financial details and tax returns should be up to mark.


The lender may ask you to put something as a pledge of security. Consider your assets which are worth to put on collateral, along with their market value. But before putting your belonging on collateral, you bear in mind that you may lose them on being failure to pay back the loan.


There are many financial institutions providing loans, and choosing the best among them is helpful for you. Do research which institutes can offer you a lower loan rate with a maximum time limit. You can compare the loan rates of these lending organizations online.


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